Filler Dissolving Clinic

Have you had a previous dermal filler procedure and are no longer happy with the results? It may be time for a change.

Remove. Refresh. Restructure.

Have you had a previous dermal filler procedure and are no longer happy with the results? The most commonly used types of dermal filler can be dissolved and removed.




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As research into aesthetics, anatomy and rheology (how fillers behave depending upon their structure) has progressed, knowledge and skills within the industry have greatly expanded. For instance, it is now apparent that some of the popular, traditional methods of injecting lips can lead to migration of the filler over time, so that a ledge or shelf is formed beyond the lip border – the dreaded “duck-lip”. This not only looks unnatural, but can have an ageing effect on the face as a whole.

A dedicated Dissolving Clinic to help you if you are unhappy with the look of your old filler.

A short initial assessment by one of our doctors is the first step to redesigning your unwanted filler. Unfortunately, not all fillers are suitable for dissolving and some must be surgically removed, therefore it is helpful if you can find out exactly what product you have prior to your assessment appointment.

We then arrange a suitable time with you to start your restructuring journey. Most cases only need a single dissolving session but some need 2-3 treatments, depending upon the type of filler involved. In many cases, we can see the misplaced filler easily just with the naked eye, but we can also dissolve under ultrasound guidance if needed.

After dissolving, there is typically then a 2 week gap before starting a redesign (if required), to allow any residual swelling to disperse. This stage can therefore involve some social downtime as in most cases the treated area reverts to its pre-filler appearance, which can be quite dramatic for some patients.

The restructure of the treated area can sometimes be done in one session, but often needs to be staggered over a few consecutive sessions to enable gradual integration and a more natural look and feel.

Lips are the most common area we treat in our dissolving clinic, but unwanted filler in other areas of the face can also be addressed. The cheeks and tear trough areas are also commonly overtreated and some patients will look younger and fresher once filler is removed from these areas. Filler position is identified using ultrasound in clinic, enabling it to be dissolved as accurately as possible. 

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FAQs about dissolving dermal filler

More about lip filler migration

There are four classes of filler spread around the lip1:

No spread – the filler is in the pink lip only

Ledge, the filler forms a bulge in the “white roll” of the lip border

Shelf, the filler spreads beyond the border, blurring the definition of the border

Plateau, the filler spreads beyond the shelf, creating abnormal protrusion and stiffness of the upper lip.

Ref: 1. Harris, S. The Harris Classification of Filler Spread Prime Journal, Sept/Oct 2020

Class 3 & 4 spread is usually palpable as an area of firmness, and can be seen as a pale grey or whitish discolouration with a clear demarcation from natural healthy-looking skin. Without intervention, filler that has spread beyond the pink section of the lip can last for much longer than expected, up to 5 years for class 3, and potentially indefinitely in class 4 spread.