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Rejuran® polynucleotides

An injectable treatment made from marine-derived DNA fragments that can help support your skin's own regenerative capabilities, encouraging healing, repair and rejuvenation.

An injectable treatment made from marine-derived DNA fragments that can help support your skin’s own regenerative capabilities, encouraging healing, repair and rejuvenation.


Face, neck, chest, hands, eyelids


Improve crepey skin, fine lines & wrinkles, texture and scarring. A series of treatments is usually recommended


from $730

What is Rejuran®?

Rejuran® is the name of a new type of injectable skin treatment called ‘polynucleotides’. It is the only TGA-approved polynucleotide product available in Australia, and since it is not a medication we are allowed to call it by its brand name.

Polynucleotides are essentially quite different to the other products that we use for skin injections such as medical gels, bio-stimulators and bio-remodellers. Polynucleotides can be thought of as “bio-regenerators”. The polynucleotides in Rejuran® are marine-derived DNA fragments. Once injected into the skin, polynucleotides send signals via a number of different cellular pathways between the cells of the dermis. This helps support your skin’s own regenerative capabilities, rather than providing moisture, plumping or promoting fibrous tissue formation. Polynucleotides can help promote healing, repair and rejuvenation, making them particularly useful for wounds and scars, as well as collagen stimulation for pro- and re-juvenation.

FAQs about Rejuran®

Where does Rejuran® come from?

Rejuran® polynucleotide treatment originates from South Korea, where it has been popular for over 10 years, with over 10million syringes used across Asia to date.  The main component, polynucleotides (PN), are purified, bio-active molecular fragments that make up the building blocks of DNA. These are extracted from the testicular tissue of wild salmon at the end of their natural life-cycle. Once injected into the skin, your body’s cellular mechanisms can use these fragments to build new strands of human DNA. You will not become a salmon and it will not improve your ability to swim.

What are the expected benefits of Rejuran®?

Rejuran® activates the skin’s natural regenerative capabilities enabling increased collagen production, therefore targeting various concerns including wrinkles, scars, enlarged pores, redness, and pigmentation, leading to an overall rejuvenated skin complexion. We can expect an improvement in texture, firmness and crepiness after a series of treatments. In addition to increasing the production of collagen and elastin, by stimulating growth and rejuvenation of the extracellular matrix within the skin, Rejuran® also improves the barrier function, leading to reduction in redness and inflammation. This makes it suitable for patients with rosacea and melasma.

When used in combination with laser resurfacing, Rejuran® can lead to improved results and even shorter downtime.


Who is suitable for Rejuran® treatment?

This treatment is suitable for almost everyone, unless you are currently pregnant.

We see particular interest from patients who:

  • Would prefer a natural ingredient to assist in their program of skin health and transformation;
  • Are seeking an enhancement in the appearance of scarring from surgery, trauma or acne;
  • Are looking for facial skin that appears rejuvenated, refreshed and tightened;
  • Would like an overall general improvement in their skin’s condition & health;
  • Wish to target fine wrinkles and crepiness of specific areas such as the lower eyelids;
  • Have sensitive and/or thin skin and need a treatment that is gentle as well as effective;
  • Would who like an alternative to more traditional types of injectables;
  • Are keen on innovative methods for skin rejuvenation.
Are there different types of Rejuran® available?

Yes, there are currently 3 different types of Rejuran® available for injection Australia. These should not be confused with polynucleotides in skincare products. The concentration of polynucleotides is identical in each of the 3 varieties, however the viscosity is different.


Rejuran®- i: This is a low-density product perfect for the very thin sensitive area around the eyes.

Rejuran® – Classic: The standard version, generally used for the skin of the face/neck/decolletage and hands. We can also use this one around the eye area if the skin is robust enough.

Rejuran® – S: This extra-concentrated version is ideal for targeting individual atrophic (depressed) scars such as some surgical, traumatic or acne scarring.

How many Rejuran® treatments are recommended?

For skin rejuvenation, it is generally recommended that an initial course of 3 treatments are performed, spaced 2-4 weeks apart. It is unlikely that you will see the full benefit with fewer treatments.

You can then follow this up with a maintenance treatment every 6 months if desired.

When Rejuran® is used in combination with laser resurfacing for scar treatments, each case is different and your treatment plan will need to be individualised.


What are the side effects of Rejuran?

Rejuran® has been used and studied extensively over the past decade. No serious side effects such as vascular occlusion have been reported. Side effects are minimal and transient.

As Rejuran® is a liquid that is injected in tiny dots all over the treatment area. Local anaesthetic cream is usually applied prior to injections to minimise discomfort.

You should expect to see some redness of the skin and small bumps at the injection sites, which can last for approximately 48hrs.

There may be occasional bruising, particularly around the eye area. Some patients find that the product stings lightly on injection and this can continue for a few minutes afterwards.

Since Rejuran® is highly purified, it is considered safe for patients who have seafood allergies.

How much downtime should I plan for after my Rejuran® treatment?

Bruising is always possible with any injection to the skin, particularly around the eye area. We recommend avoiding blood thinners for 7-14 days prior to injections, and this will be discussed with you at your consultation. A Healite LED treatment can be used as an add-on with your treatment to accelerate the healing process, minimise and treat any bruising.

Immediately after Rejuran® injections,  you will have multiple tiny bumps over the skin area treated. These are small but clearly visible. They are self-limiting and in normal skin will disappear on their own in approximately 48 hours. If you have naturally thinner or peri-menopausal skin, this may take a day or so longer. So whilst you can go to work or socialise (and use make up) the following day, the bumps may still be visible. Therefore, if you prefer to be discrete with your skin health journey, we recommend that you plan these treatments accordingly.

How much does Rejuran® cost at SkinBox?

All our cosmetic injectables are planned and administered to your bespoke needs by highly qualified, trained and experienced medical practitioners and therefore our prices can not be compared to those available from commercial chain clinics. The cost of your treatment includes all necessary paperwork and photography, as well as any aftercare that is needed.

Prices start from $730 for a single treatment around the eyes or mouth. The cost is dependent on the type and amount of Rejuran® used, which depends upon your needs and will be discussed with you at your individual consultation.

Bundles and packages are available. Please contact us for more information.

For example only:

Periorbital (eye) area with 1ml Rejuran®-i:  $730

One area (eg face OR neck OR décolletage) with 2ml Rejuran® Classic:  $888

High-dose face & neck with 6ml Rejuran® Classic, including eye area:  $2504

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