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Emcyte® Pure Rejuvenation

Utilising your own cells to stimulate the body’s natural regenerative mechanisms…

We are proud to offer the gold standard in cell rejuvenation therapy

Emcyte® treatment is a rejuvenation therapy that concentrates the cells found in your own blood to create anti-ageing treatments that stimulate regeneration in your skin.  We like to think of it as a redistribution of your own resources – ideal for patients who like the most natural approach to their skin health.


face / neck / chest / undereyes


within 7-10 days but continued improvement for up to 3 months


$865 for 7mL

Our blood is made of up a number of different types of cells that have different roles to play. The cells in your blood that respond when a blood vessel is damaged in order to make a blood clot also play an important role in healing by releasing growth factors and stimulating a cascade of processes that lead to tissue repair. These are the ones we are utilising in Emcyte® treatment: by extracting and concentrating them, before introducing them back into your skin.

The right cells at the right concentration

These blood cells also assist in stimulating our baseline skin cells to change from a resting to active phase. These skin cells can then form new tissue such as collagen, elastin, muscle, nerves, blood vessels etc., assisting to restore the structure of your skin.

To deliver effective rejuvenation, the target cells in the injecting solution must be concentrated to around 5-9 times the baseline level found in your blood. As well as concentrating the cells, the processing system must remove red blood cells and make sure that nutrients such as amino acids, electrolytes and saccharides are present in the right amounts.

White blood cells such as neutrophils and monocytes also play important roles in skin rejuvenation treatments. Neutrophils work to remove damaged tissue in preparation for new tissue generation. Monocytes are white blood cells that convert into two types of macrophages in skin tissue (M1 & M2). M1 macrophages will remove debris, pathogens, bacteria and fibrotic tissue, allowing for a new layer of healthy collagen and elastin. M2 macrophages send messenger chemicals to stimulate fibroblasts to repair and regenerate the skin.

In comparison tests, the Emcyte® system continuously outperforms all other concentrating systems in performance and clinical outcomes. Emcyte®’s unique separation system delivers better cell extraction than earlier generation “test-tube” style systems, including:

  • The highest recovery of platelet cells (>80%)
  • The lowest levels of red blood cells
  • The highest levels of monocytes

Tap into our medical expertise

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To share our medical knowledge.
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FAQ’s about Emcyte® Therapy

What does a Emcyte® treatment involve?

Firstly we draw some blood, usually from your arm. It is helpful to be well-hydrated when you come for your treatment as this makes the process easy and comfortable.
Your blood is then processed under sterile conditions using the Emcyte® system, which takes about 10mins, and yields approximately 7ml of highly concentrated cell solution. This is then injected back into your skin. The injections can be done manually using a needle or cannula, depending on which area is being treated, but can also be performed using the automatic V2 injector to ensure wide, even distribution over the treatment area.
We personalise each treatment to each patient and often utilise a combination of injection techniques during a session. Your individualised plan will be discussed fully with you during your initial consultation.

How long does it take to see results?

Within a week of treatment, many patients notice improved hydration in the skin. Changes such as improved skin volume and structure generally occur within 30 days and improvements can continue for up to 90 days.

How many Emcyte® treatments are required?

The number of treatments required will depend upon the starting condition of your skin, and the desired outcome. Results naturally vary, since the treatment relies upon the body’s own natural regenerative mechanisms.

Typically, an initial course of three treatments spaced over 6-12 weeks is traditionally recommended for skin in poor condition. Patients whose skin is in better condition are often satisfied with the results they achieve with only one session, whilst others prefer to have a series of treatments to build upon their initial results.

In order to counteract ongoing ageing of the skin, a regular maintenance treatment every 6-12 months is recommended.

We individualise our treatments for each patient and so your Emcyte® journey will be planned with you at your initial consultation.
Emcyte® can be used as a stand-alone treatment or used in conjunction with other therapies as an “add-on”.

What areas can be treated?

Whilst the face is the most popular treatment area for this skin rejuvenation therapy, we also commonly target the neck, décolletage, and hands. Contact us to enquire about other areas.

Emcyte® can also be used to help with both male & female-pattern hair loss of the scalp.

Can I have Emcyte® at the same time as another treatment?

Yes, certainly. We frequently use Emcyte® in the same treatment session as DOT laser or Tixel® to maximise the results and reduce the downtime associated with these ablative resurfacing methods. We can also mix your Emycte® injection solution with other products such as skin hydratorsanti-wrinkle injections and high strength cosmeceutical ingredients to truly individualise your treatment (additional costs apply).

How much does Emcyte® cost

A 7ml treatment costs from $865

Can Emcyte® be used for hair loss?

There is emerging evidence that this type of therapy can be an effective treatment for androgenic alopecia (male-pattern and female-pattern hair loss). It can be used alone or in conjunction with topical and oral therapies. Up to 83% of patients report improvement in fullness* following a course of treatment. The aim of therapy is to slow or stop the progression of hair loss rather than to promote hair regrowth. However, some patients do experience hair regrowth with treatment. Results are variable, and it is not possible to predict who may or may not benefit from treatment. Find out more about using Emcyte® for hair loss at SkinBox.

*Laird, M. E., Lo Sicco, K. I., Reed, M. L., & Brinster, N. K. Dermatologic Surgery, 2017;0:1–3