Double Chin

A simple, non-surgical treatment to sculpt, contour and define the jawline and chin. An effective alternative to liposuction if you have a small amount of stubborn fat underneath the jaw.

Fat-dissolving injections

Do you dislike your jawline or feel you have a double chin? You are not alone – a 2015 survey of American men and women revealed that 67% were bothered by the fat beneath their chin, the same number that were concerned about forehead and frown lines.

Here in Australia, 59% of women (in 2016) said they are concerned about a double chin – that’s more than those concerned about forehead and frown lines (52%). The shape and contour of the chin and neck play a fundamental role in our appearance, and fat accumulation in this area can hide our underlying definition.


chin, jawline, jowls, bra-line


take 8-12 weeks, 1-3 sessions may be needed. Downtime is a few days


from $645

The product that we use at SkinBox is made by the same company responsible for the most well known brands of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. It has been available in Australia since early 2017, when we were amongst the first clinics to begin using it. We have extensive experience with this treatment, being one of the key sites in a Phase IV clinical study into its use. Our principal doctor is on the Faculty of the Allergan Medical Institute, training other practitioners in this treatment, and has spoken at conferences about its use.

FAQs about fat dissolving injections for treating a double chin

What causes a double chin?

A double chin, known medically as “submental fullness” can be caused by:

  • Ageing – It can develop naturally as we age
  • Genetics – It can be part of our DNA
  • Weight changes – It can appear as a result of weight change (diet and exercise may not be enough to remove the fullness).
What is this injectable treatment?

This injectable treatment is to help the appearance of your double chin and is not surgery, liposuction or fat-freezing. It is a clinically proven, prescription-only medication that is injected into the fat beneath your chin. Double chin treatments are tailored to each patient’s needs to produce a customised result and therefore a consultation with our doctor is essential prior to starting a treatment course.

Who is this fat dissolving treatment suitable for?

The best results are seen in patients with a BMI within the normal range, who have a localised fat deposit beneath their chin. Often these patients feel that they do not have a defined jawline, or that their face appears to blend into their neck. This treatment may be for you if:

  • You’re bothered (unhappy, self-conscious, embarrassed) by fat under the chin;
  • You feel the condition makes you look older or heavier than you actually are
  • You are someone who grows a beard or wears a scarf to hide your jawline, or avoids having photographs taken that show your side profile;
  • You don’t want to have surgery;
  • You eat well and exercise, but your double chin does not go away.
How do fat-dissolving injections work?

The active ingredient is a synthetic, non-animal form of a bile acid substance found naturally in the body. In your body, bile acids are produced in the liver and secreted into the gut to aid in the breakdown and absorption of fat cells in the diet. When the synthetic version is injected below the chin, it causes disruption of the biological membrane around the fat cells in that region, triggering destruction of those cells in a process called adipocytolysis. Once destroyed, these cells are gradually but permanently eliminated by the body’s natural metabolism and the appearance of the double chin is improved.

Is this product approved by Health Authorities?

This product is a prescription-only medication that is licensed for the improvement in appearance of moderate to severe fullness associated with submental fat in adults. The product is backed by over 9 years of research, with more than 20 published clinical studies involving over 2600 patients. Long-term study data now exists for >8years, showing this treatment to be safe and long-lasting.

What happens during a fat-dissolving treatment?

Treatments take 15-20 minutes and are carried out in the clinic by our doctors. The treatment area is measured and temporary markings are drawn onto the skin as an injection guide. Ice is then applied to chill the skin. Multiple small injections are performed with a very thin needle through the skin into the fat layer to deliver the product to the exact treatment area.

What areas can be treated with fat-dissolving injections?

It is possible to use this injectable product into small localised areas of fat under the chin, jawline and jowls, as well as the pocket of fat in front of the armpit (known as bra-fat)

Will the treatment hurt??

Chilling the skin with ice makes the injections very tolerable for the majority of patients, and in most circumstances we also suggest local anaesthetic to improve comfort levels even further. Most patients experience a warm, heating sensation in the area immediately after the injections, which lasts for around 30-60 minutes.

What are the side effects of fat-dissolving injections?

In general, fat-dissolving treatments are well tolerated, but as with any medical procedure, some side effects can be expected.

Commonly, patients will experience some mild redness and/or light bruising at the injection sites, and some mild pain or tenderness for up to a week after each treatment.

You should expect some moderate swelling of the treatment area, which is likely to be quite obvious in the first 48hours and usually resolves over the first week. The product works by destroying the fat cell membrane, which causes an inflammatory process and swelling as the body eliminates the contents of the fat cells. This natural tissue-injury repair process can lead to additional tightening and retraction of the overlying skin, and so is considered part of the treatment process rather than an unwanted adverse effect.
Occasionally, patients may experience temporary numbness in the treated area that resolves spontaneously over the following weeks/months, or small, firm tender lumps/nodules below the skin. These bumps will also resolve on their own over several weeks to months.

It is important that this product is injected by a qualified and trained medical practitioner with specific knowledge of the relevant anatomy of the sub-mental area. This minimises the possibility of temporary damage to nerves and blood vessels in and around the area. At SkinBox, all our injectable treatments are carried out by doctors.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments given varies depending upon the amount of fat in the area. The average patient requires between 1 to 4 treatments but up to 6 treatments can be given. Treatments are spaced at least 6 weeks apart to give the body time to eliminate the treated fat cells between treatments. During your initial consultation, we can usually give you an accurate estimation of the expected number of treatments you will need. If it is likely to be more than 4 treatments, liposuction is likely to be a more cost-effective solution.

How much do fat-dissolving treatments cost?

Please see our Price List for up to date pricing information.

When will I see results from fat-dissolving treatment?

Treatment with fat dissolving injections is usually not a one-off event, it is a customised treatment journey. Since the body takes some time to metabolise the fat cells that have been destroyed in the adipocytolysis process, you may not see visible results until after the 2nd or 3rd treatment. Treatments are performed a minimum of 6 weeks apart, but these can be scheduled around work and social engagements that you may have, enabling you to remain in control of your treatment journey. Medicine is not an exact science and occasionally patients have quicker or slower results than we anticipate and if this is the case, your schedule can be adjusted as the journey progresses.

Are the results of fat-dissolving injections permanent?

The fat reduction results are permanent. Just like surgical liposuction, even if you gain additional weight after the procedure, the treated area will not gain as much fat back proportionally since the number of fat cells in that area have been permanently reduced.

What downtime should I expect?

You should certainly expect some swelling, as this is part of the inflammatory response that leads to the natural repair process and tightening of the overlying skin. The majority of the visible swelling usually resolves over the first 48 hours, after which time the area may still feel slightly swollen and may be tender to touch for approximately 1-2 weeks. For double chin or jowl treatments, scheduling your procedure for Thursday or Friday often enables you to return to work as normal, with minimal obvious swelling, by Monday.
As with any medical procedure that involves needles to the skin, some mild bruising is possible.

Many patients like to time their treatment for the autumn/winter months so that they can comfortably wear a scarf if necessary.

Are there any contraindications to treatment?

Active infection in the injection area is the only contradiction to treatment with fat dissolving injections. However, you should inform our doctor about all of your medical conditions prior to treatment, including if you:

  • Have had or plan to have surgery on your face, neck or chin
  • Have had cosmetic treatments on your face, neck or chin
  • Have had or have medical conditions in or near the neck area
  • Have had or have trouble swallowing
  • Have bleeding problems
  • Are pregnant or plan to become pregnant (it is not known whether this product will harm your unborn baby)
  • Are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed (it is not known if this product passes into your breast milk)
  • Are taking any medications, especially blood thinners.

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