Double Chin

A simple, non-surgical treatment to sculpt, contour and define the jawline and chin. An effective alternative to liposuction if you have a small amount of stubborn fat underneath the jaw.

Fat-dissolving injections

Do you dislike your jawline or feel you have a double chin? You are not alone – a 2015 survey of American men and women revealed that 67% were bothered by the fat beneath their chin, the same number that were concerned about forehead and frown lines.

Here in Australia, 59% of women (in 2016) said they are concerned about a double chin – that’s more than those concerned about forehead and frown lines (52%). The shape and contour of the chin and neck play a fundamental role in our appearance, and fat accumulation in this area can hide our underlying definition.


chin, jawline, jowls, bra-line


take 8-12 weeks, 1-3 sessions may be needed. Downtime is a few days


from $600

The product that we use at SkinBox is made by the same company responsible for the most well known brands of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. It has been available in Australia since early 2017, when we were amongst the first clinics to begin using it. We have extensive experience with this treatment, being one of the key sites in a Phase IV clinical study into its use. Our principal doctor is on the Faculty of the Allergan Medical Institute, training other practitioners in this treatment, and has spoken at conferences about its use.

FAQs about fat dissolving injections for treating a double chin

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