With our multidisciplinary, personalised approach we can customise an acne journey to suit each individual - to provide optimal results that align with your lifestyle and budget.

At SkinBox our team is here to help

Acne affects men and women from their teens, sometimes throughout adulthood. At SkinBox, we understand that for many people who have acne, the skin disease affects more than their appearance. Researchers repeatedly find that acne can lead to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and a decreased quality of life. Living with acne can be a long journey and at SkinBox we are here to help.

To streamline your experience with us, we will send you some paperwork to complete prior to your initial acne consultation. This is an opportunity to explore your medical and skin history, your current skincare regime and what approaches you have already tried. Then, after a thorough consultation in clinic, our holistic multidisciplinary approach enables us to optimise a individual treatment plan, combining the knowledge and skills of our Dermal Therapists and Doctors. We can also refer to a nutritionist or psychologist as required.

Each acne patient is different and our treatment plans reflect this; they can be simple & straightforward or can involve an accelerated multi-pronged approach, depending upon your skin’s needs, your lifestyle, budget and health choices.

Our approach to an acne journey covers many different aspects and individualised options. In your initial appointment you will be seen by both Dr. Sarah Boxley and one of our expert Dermal Therapists.

Your initial 60min consultation cost $260 and a Medicare rebate is applicable. Please contact us directly on (08) 62158898 to scheduled your appointment. Alternatively, please contact us here.

Cosmeceutical skin care

For most acne patients, the first step is to organise & optimise your skincare regime. An acne consultation usually begins with one of our Dermal Therapists. Everyone’s skin is different. We will make sure that your skin gets the active ingredients it needs in a routine that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Acne Treatment Options

LED Light Therapy | Healite® II

This treatment involves a series of twice-weekly sessions of both red (633nm) light to reduce inflammation and oil production and blue (415nm) light to directly target c.acnes bacteria on the skin. A treatment course is usually 4-6 weeks, depending upon the severity of acne, and is used in conjunction with a cosmeceutical skin care regime.

lady lying down comfortably, eyes closed under glowing LED light
Kleresca patient under treatment lamp prior to treatment

Kleresca® | Biophotonic Light Therapy

Safe, non-invasive and clinically proven to improve even severe acne, primarily by reducing inflammation in the skin. Kleresca® is ideal for patients who do not wish to undertake other acne treatment options such as prescription medication, or for those who would like to use it in addition to traditional treatments.

IPL | Intense Pulsed Light

IPL can be used, with or without a photosensitiser, to reduce the overactivity of sebaceous glands in the skin and to minimise post-inflammatory erythema (redness).

dermal therapist administering ipl treatment to patients face.

Prescription Medications | Oral & Topical solutions

Various prescription medications can be used to effectively treat moderate to severe acne. As with all medications, there are some contraindications and potential side effects. Appropriate treatment for your type of acne will be discussed at your clinic consultation.

Options include:

  • Medical-grade creams & gels
  • Low-dose oral antibiotics
  • Hormonal options
  • Oral vitamin A