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Alma Hybrid™ laser

The holy grail of aesthetic treatments: maximal effect with minimal downtime. Bringing together 3 powerful energies in a unique combination that delivers impressive results.

Designed for a wide range of customisable ablative and non-ablative treatments, the Alma Hybrid™ combines the power of 3 core energies, including CO2 laser, to create a uniquely synergistic effect. Suitable for all skin types, each treatment is totally customised to suit your needs.


Face, neck, chest, scars


Improve skin laxity, sun damage, brown spots, fine lines & wrinkles, acne scars, surgical or traumatic scars. Minimal discomfort or downtime.


from $835

What is special about an Alma Hybrid™ treatment?

There are a few things that make this state of the art laser treatment a favourite at SkinBox®. Firstly, each procedure is entirely customisable – we can use a combination of the 3 energy types to create a treatment that is as unique as you are. And since we are custom designing your treatment, the downtime can be tailored to fit your lifestyle, from a quick lunchtime pick-me-up to an “over the weekend” refreshment. Also, it is virtually painless, which has to be a winner!

So what are the 3 energy types and what do they do?

  • CO2: the optimal blend of ablative, coagulative and thermal effect for efficient highly-precise focused or fractional laser treatments
  • 1570nm Erbium: a powerful, non-ablative laser that creates a thermal effect to promote remodelling and synthesis of new collagen in the dermis, which leaving the epidermis above intact
  • IMPACT™ for Trans Epidermal Delivery (TED): a patented ultrasound attachment creates an acoustic pressure (it sounds like mosquitos) which enables delivery of medications and cosmeceutical ingredients through the microchannels created by the CO2 laser

Choose your treatment type:

Hybrid Lift – a super renewal treatment.

Blending the very best of ablative and thermal technology with enhanced delivery of cosmeceuticals, this treatment produces unparalleled results with a relatively short downtime. Both CO2 and 1570nm Erbium lasers are used at the same time to cause skin contraction, improving fine lines and deep wrinkles, and peeling off solar pigmentation. Then, the IMPACT™ ultrasound ensures deep and efficient penetration of products. An over-the-weekend treatment that leaves skin looking and feeling smoother and more youthful. Results will continue to improve for up to 12 weeks after treatment, and multiple treatments are possible if desired.

SoftLift – a ‘lunch-time’ rejuvenation treatment

SoftLift provides refinement of skin tone, contraction of fine lines and wrinkles, and repair of superficial skin lesions such as shallow acne scars, with virtually no downtime. Creating a significant thermal effect, the powerful but non-ablative 1570nm laser promotes new collagen growth and regenerates the dermis (deep skin layer), while leaving the epidermis above it intact. Safe even in darker skin types, SoftLift improves skin texture and helps bring back a youthful skin tone, reducing the appearance of fine lines and mild wrinkles.

FAQs about the Alma Hybrid™ laser

Is treatment with the Alma Hybrid painful?

Despite being very powerful and effective, treatment with this laser is incredibly comfortable. The device has a cold plate that comes in contact with the skin next to where the laser beam makes contact, so that generally all you will feel is a mild tickling sensation. Most treatments require no anaesthetic at all.

If we have designed a stronger treatment for you, we may apply some topical anaesthetic prior to your procedure. We can also use nerve blocks if required, and a cold-air Zimmer Cooler is on hand to help chill the skin further if needed.

How long does the treatment take?

Our treatments are custom-designed for each individual patient but generally a HybridLift procedure will take 60-90minutes and a SoftLift can be done in as little as half an hour.

What is the downtime?

Downtime with these procedures ranges from only a few hours of slight pinkness from a SoftLift, through to 7-10 days of swelling, pinkness and rough skin for the stronger versions of the HybridLift. Everyone heals differently but generally, a standard HybridLift (3-5 days downtime) can be done on a Friday and be recovered by Monday.

What products can be used with the IMPACT™ system

The products we use are designed to be within the skin so are different to your normal skincare. Depending on your needs, we can use a combination of enzymes to address pigmentation, peptides and vitamins to build collagen, hydrating agents to plump the skin, your own blood cells or other growth factors to regenerate the dermis, and anti-wrinkle products to address facial flushing.

Do I need a consultation or can I just book straight in?

A consultation with one of our team is essential prior to the actual laser procedure so that we can customise your treatment correctly. We will need to know some medical history, what your genetic skin type is, what medications you are taking, what previous treatments you have had, and what your current skincare regime is. We may need to prep your skin for a few days or weeks before the procedure if your skincare is not optimal and if you are prone to coldsores or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation we may need to reduce the risk of these with some medication.

We will work with you to customise your treatment to your available downtime and expected results. The more gentle treatments can be performed by our Dermal Therapists but the stronger treatments must be done by one of our Doctors and this is reflected in the pricing structure.

How much does an Alma Hybrid treatment cost?

Costs vary depending upon time taken, area treated, products infused, expected downtime & laser operator.

As an indication only:

SoftLift (face only) $835

SoftLift (face & neck) $1150

Hybrid Lift (face only) $1250 – 2190

Hybrid Lift (face & neck) $1720 – 3050

Additional costs may apply for certain products for infusion, which are chosen based on your personal needs. This will be discussed in full at your consultation

What does the entire process involve?

Firstly, you will need to have a consultation so that we can assess your skin and plan your treatment. We may need to prep your skin for a few days or weeks prior to the procedure so that we can get the best results for you.

On the day of the procedure, we will take some clinical photographs prior to treatment. Most Alma Hybrid treatments are done without the need for local anaesthetic, but we do offer this as an option if required. Prior to the laser treatment, your skin will be thoroughly cleaned and you will receive an LED light session to kick start the collagen repair process.

Then, the laser treatment is performed. This stage will take 20-60 minutes depending upon the area being treated.

If you are having a HybridLift procedure, the next step is to infuse our chosen cocktail of active ingredients into your skin using the IMPACT™ ultrasound. This sounds like insects buzzing but is not painful.

We then apply a soothing balm to your skin, and medical foundation if required.

In the days after your HybridLift you may be asked to return to the clinic for further LED sessions (depending upon your customised treatment plan). Some patients may also choose to add on a session of dermaplaning for a quicker reveal of their fresh new skin.