Skin Bar

Get a bespoke, doctor-reviewed medical skincare prescription from a unique combination of over 19 ingredients at WA’s only Universkin skin bar

Over 2 million formulations. Only one Skin Bar.

Book a consult with our Dermal Therapist, or use our AI to discover the perfect, all-in-one skincare prescription for you. Then, enjoy a coffee or a glass of bubbly as we hand-formulate your customised, doctor-reviewed, medical-grade prescription from over 19 ingredients at WA’s only Universkin Skin Bar.

Customised, personalised skin care, curated while you wait.

The Skin Bar houses our cosmeceutical & practitioner-only ranges from Synergie as well as our pharmaceutical range from Universkin. We can mix & match between all these products to get the most cost effective solution to suit your lifestyle and skin needs.

Skin Bar @ SkinBox

Come to SkinBox Fremantle for a personalised skin analysis with one of our expert Dermal Therapists.

We will discuss your medical history, lifestyle, current skincare and any environmental factors that are impacting on your skin.

A tailor-made skincare plan, made to match your budget and lifestyle, will incorporate a mix of custom-made serums and high grade cosmeceutical products.

Relax and enjoy freshly made coffee or glass of sparkling West Australian bubbles. You can watch while we make your customised serums for you and take it home on the day!

Skin Bar Online

This quick and convenient journey starts online with a detailed, confidential skin analysis. Next, we calculate the most appropriate active ingredients for your skin.

The skin analysis should take about 10 minutes to complete and you must be make-up free.

We will then design your custom-made serums and email you a tailored skincare plan.

Your skincare products can then be purchased via our website and sent directly to you!

Experience Skin Bar. A treat to self.

After a 30 minute consultation with one of our qualified Dermal Therapists, we will prescribe a unique, custom serum, created in-clinic while you enjoy a freshly made coffee or a glass of bubbles.

Already got more skincare products than you know what to do with?

If you have a cabinet full of products and no idea what’s working, then a Skincare Audit is for you.

We often choose our skincare based on what has worked for a friend, something we saw on social media or the latest celebrity trend. Every individual has different skin, and what our skin needs changes with the season, stress levels, age, and environment.

Bring in all your bottles, jars and pots of skincare. Our Dermal Therapist will analyse the current condition of your skin and advise you which products should stay, which should go, and where there may be gaps in your routine.

A Skincare Audit is designed to help and educate you about your skin, not to encourage you to buy an entire new skincare range! At only $55, it’s a no-brainer.