All our cosmetic injectables are planned and administered to your bespoke needs by highly qualified, trained and experienced medical practitioners and therefore our prices can not be compared to those available from commercial chain clinics.

Prices for SkinBox treatments

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Injectables Consultation

This extended consultation appointment is ideal if you are new to aesthetic treatments or would like to discuss your injectable options, including:

  • wrinkle treatments,
  • volumisation, structure and augmentation,
  • PDO threads,
  • fat dissolving (chin/neck/jowls),
  • bioremodelling
Cosmetic Doctor$160

Total Face Cosmetic Consultation

This is an in-depth appointment for a total facial assessment and individualised treatment plan, covering injectables (as above), plus laser, eyelid rejuvenation options and skincare. Ideal if you are new to aesthetic medicine or are not sure of your best treatment options. Find out more here

Dr. Boxley – Medical Director$260

Dermal Therapy Consultation

If skin treatments are your main interest, choose a consultation appointment with one of our Dermal Therapists for professional, individualised skincare advice or to discuss treatments such as:

  • IPL (including test-patching)
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Chemical peels
  • Autologous skin rejuvenation with Emcyte®
  • Emface®

We also offer an extended consultation to include digital (AI) skin analysis.

Dermal Therapy Consultation$55
Extended Dermal Therapy Consultation (AI)$75

*consultation fees are not redeemable on treatment

Spread the cost with a payment plan

We are pleased to be able to offer payment plans via our third-party provider TLC (Total Lifestyle Credit)

Cosmetic Injectables

All our cosmetic injectables are planned and administered to your bespoke needs by highly qualified, trained and experienced Medical Doctors and therefore our prices can not be compared to those available from commercial chain clinics. The total cost will vary depending upon the specific treatment received. A minimum cost applies, and prices may be slightly higher with our Medical Director than with our Cosmetic Doctors. The cost includes all required clinical photography, documentation, treatment and aftercare. An accurate quote can only be given at an individual consultation with one of our Doctors, which is an essential element of your care. As these treatments involve a prescription medication, Australian Government restrictions forbid us from giving any further details regarding costs on our website. The prices given here are a rough indication of average costs but are not specific to an individual. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

Wrinkle Treatments

TreatmentCost FROM
Dr. Sarah (Medical Director)$180
Cosmetic Doctor$160
Hyperhidrosis (armpits)$1065
Hyperhidrosis (hands/feet)$590
Bruxism (teeth grinding)$710
Hayfever treatment$380

Volume, Structure & Augmentation

TreatmentCost FROM
Lip Augmentation$600
Facial Volume/Structure/Support$750

Fat dissolving

TreatmentCost FROM
double chin$645


Initial course of 2 treatments face OR neck$1505
Initial course of 2 treatments face AND neck$2690
Maintenance treatment (one area)$810
Maintenance treatment (both areas)$1440

PDO monothreads

Per facial area from$450


Artistic Restoration Lift®from $860
*Dr Boxley only

Rejuran® bio-regeneration

Please contact the clinic for individual package pricing

Rejuran® – ifr $700
Rejuran® – classicfr $850
Rejuran® – scarfr $700

Hyperhidrosis Treatments

Treatments are available to help with excessive sweating

MiraDry® treatment (armpits)from $2680*
Hyperhidrosis injections (armpits)$1065

*depending upon armpit size – accurate price available on consultation


Less wrinkles, more lift; no needles

Course of 4 weekly sessionsrrp $3599
Single maintenance treatment $990
please contact the clinic for current offers & package pricing

Onda® Bodysculpting

Reduce stubborn fat & cellulite, tighten skin

Per 15cm2 treatment area$215 each
2nd subsequent areas treated in the same session$180 each (15% discount)
Full course of 4 treatments (paid in full)Additional 10% discount

Emsculpt Neo® Bodysculpting

Simultaneously build muscle & burn fat. Suitable for BMI up to 35

Single session (one area – eg abs OR buttocks)$755
Single session (two areas – eg abs AND buttocks)$1290 $220
Package of 5 sessions (to treat ONE area – initial course + one maintenance)$3015 $760
Package of 5 sessions (to treat TWO areas – initial course + one maintenance to each area)$5160 $1290

Individualised packages combining Onda® & Emsculpt Neo® are also available. Emsculpt® DUO (abdomen only) above cost can be split between 2 people attending the same appointment together.

Emsculpt® Original Bodysculpting

Simultaneously build muscle & burn fat. Packages can be split between areas as needed.

Single session (one body area – eg abdomen OR buttocks)$270
Single session (two body areas – eg abdomen AND buttocks)$465$65
Package of 4 treatments$950$130
Package of 8 treatments$1720$440
Package of 12 treatments$2325$915

Individualised packages combining Onda® & Emsculpt® are also available. Emsculpt® DUO (abdomen only) above cost can be split between 2 people attending the same appointment together.

MonaLisa Touch®

Non-hormonal laser treatment for vaginal atrophy, genito-urinary syndrome of menopause, vulval skin conditions

Initial Consultation *$260
Single treatment$810
Course of 3 treatments $2150

Oncology patients receive a 10% discount *Medicare rebate on consultation fee applies for eligible patients


Hydrafacial® – Original$199
HydraHeal = Hydrafacial® + Healite LED$240
Hydrafacial® Boost (includes LED and either a booster or a gel mask)$279
HydraFacial® Xtend (for larger surface areas)$299
HydraHalf = Hydrafacial® for those with a beard$140

Fire&Ice® Hollywood Facial$270


Treatment Areasingleset of 3
Full face$485$1300
Face & neck$800$2160
Neck & décolletage$800$2160
Décolletage only$485$1300

Alma Hybrid® Laser

HybridLiftface onlyfr $1200 – 2100
face & neckfr $1600 – 2950
SoftLiftface only$800
face & neck$1100
Costs vary depending upon time taken, area treated, products infused, expected downtime & laser operator.


Full face $595
Eye area only$325
Face & neck$810
Neck & Décolletage$810
Other areasPOA
Course of 4 treatments prepaid-10%


Hair Reduction

The cost of IPL depends upon the size of the area being treated. Please use this information as a guide only, individual quotes may vary.

Extra Small – e.g. chin, upper lip$85
Small – e.g. underarms, hands, bikini$165
Medium – e.g. forearms, extended bikini$270
Large – e.g. full arm, lower leg, chest, upper back$380
Extra Large – e.g. full leg, full back$650
Cost of treatments paid in full-10%

Pigmented/Vascular Rejuvenation

Full face$485
Face & neck$595
Face & neck & décolletage$810
Spot TreatmentsPOA
Vascular lesionsPOA
Cost of treatments paid in full-10%

Emcyte® Pure Rejuvenation

Emcyte® 7ml (full face)$865
Emcyte® 7ml (full face) PLUS undereye $975
Emcyte® 7ml hair regrowth*$865
Package of 3 sessions -10%
* nerve block to scalp incurs additional cost

Liquid Exfoliants

TreatmentSingle PeelPackage of 3*
Enerpeel® JR$270$650
Enerpeel® TCA – LP 25%$320$830
Enerpeel® TCA – Strong 40%$970N/A
Enerpeel® Hands$130$330
Meso Glycolic Peel$160$408
Synergie Salicylic Acid Peel$160$408
*15% discount when paid upfront as a package

WiQo® Lifting & Brightening Programme

Single PeelCourse of 5 (including aftercare creams)

Healite II® LED

Single Treatment (any wavelength)$110
Course of 8 treatments$650$230
Add-on to another procedure$55$55

Dermal Needling – Medical Depth

Full face$325
Half face$215
Spot treatmentsPOA
course of treatments paid in full– 10%


TreatmentCost from*
Mesoestetic® Mesotherapy via V2 injector$485*

*Cost depends upon ingredients chosen.


Full face + treatment mask$165
Full face + treatment mask + Healite II® LED$215
Add-on to another procedure$110

Not sure which treatment is right for you?

Our Cosmetic Doctors and qualified Dermal Therapists are here to advise and educate.