CO2 DOT Laser

A non-invasive treatment using a fractional CO2 laser, designed to transform skin and enhance its overall appearance with fully individualised treatments designed around your lifestyle

Introduction to CO2 DOT Laser Therapy

Fractional CO2 laser is the gold standard in skin surfacing. The SmartXide2 DOT laser features unique European-designed technology to offer the ultimate in skin rejuvenation in just under an hour for most treatments.


face / neck / chest / scars


Improve skin laxity, sun damage, brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, surgical or traumatic scars


$800 – $2580

Fractional CO2 laser is used to:

  • Improve the appearance of aged and sun-damaged skin
  • Improve skin texture and firmness
  • Soften wrinkles and lines
  • Reduce the appearance of scarring caused by acne, surgery or trauma

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FAQ’s about DOT Laser Therapy

How does DOT laser work?

DOT laser therapy is a form of fractional CO2 treatment. A CO2 laser is used to make precise and deliberate wounds to the skin, and it is the body’s healing mechanisms to these injuries that give us the end result.

Unlike traditional CO2 lasers that treat the whole skin surface, fractional laser technology enables us to precisely fire small columns of laser energy into the skin, whilst leaving tiny islands of untouched skin between these columns. These islands are able to initiate the healing process much quicker, leading to faster healing times, and less risks and complications from treatment. A fractional lasers can also penetrate deeper into the skin than non-fractional lasers, enabling them to effectively stimulate the production of new collagen.

Can my DOT laser treatment be customised?

Absolutely. No two skins are the same and all of our DOT laser treatments are completely customised to achieve the best result. The parameters of the SmartXide 2 laser can be adjusted so that different skin levels are targeted, with varying amounts of heat deposition into the skin. We can also choose the shape of the injury tracts that the laser makes, and also the size of the untouched islands of skin in-between.
In this way, we can use the SmartXide 2 DOT laser to treat a variety of conditions in most skin types, from fine superficial wrinkles in a Type 1 skin, through to deep acne scarring in Type 5 skin.

How many DOT laser treatments will I need?

Because your treatment is completely customisable, we can tailor a package to suit your budget and your lifestyle. For instance, in some situations, a similar result can be achieved with either 3 low intensity treatments that have only a few days downtime each, or with one highly intense treatment that has a longer downtime of a couple of weeks. Different layers of the skin can be targeted in the same treatment or on separate occasions. A individual plan is made for each patient in consultation with one of our doctors.

Is DOT laser painful?

Everyone appreciates pain differently, but in general this is a treatment that is very well-tolerated. We standardly use a strong numbing cream on the face for up to an hour prior to treatment, in addition to a cold air blaster to improve your comfort during the procedure if required.

What is the downtime after DOT laser treatment?

The downtime from a DOT laser treatment depends upon the baseline condition of the skin, and also the laser parameters that have been chosen. It is an important factor to discuss in your consultation so that your treatment plan can be tailored to fit in with your lifestyle.

Typically, for a facial treatment, there will be some redness of the skin and some swelling (which can be significant around the eye area). The small precise injuries to the skin that have been made with the laser form into tiny scabs and fall off naturally within a few days.

Overall, the downtime can range from 2 days to 2 weeks. With particular treatments (e.g. tightening around the eyes) in some skin types it is possible for there to be residual redness for up to 8 weeks.
Whilst the scabs are still on the skin, you should not apply any make-up and you must avoid sources of potential infection such as dirty environments or unclean water.

What areas can be treated with DOT laser?

It is possible to treat any area of skin on the face or body. The most commonly treated areas are the face and neck, the décolletage. Skin tightening of the eyelids with DOT laser (AKA The Madonna Lift)  is very effective and is popular as an alternative to surgery in this area.

Scar refinement is also possible with DOT therapy. It can be used to improve the appearance of acne scars (boxcar & rolling types respond most effectively), as well as surgical or traumatic scarring.

What other treatments can I have at the same time as DOT laser?

Our most common addition to fractional CO2 is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). The growth factors in platelets stimulate collagen synthesis, leading to a synergistically improved outcome for fine lines, wrinkles and scars. PRP has been shown in split-face studies to not only improve the result but also to significantly decrease the downtime. A treatment with PRP is done on the same day as the laser procedure and is typically both injected beneath the skin prior to the treatment and also applied to the surface of the skin at the end.

We can also use the biophotonic action of Kleresca-SKR to kick-start the process of collagen synthesis and improve the downtime. This is usually done the day before the laser treatment and can also repeated at one week if required.