Dermal Filler

As we mature, we begin to lose our youthful facial volume, which contributes to the formation of folds and wrinkles.

An introduction to Dermal Fillers

When we are younger we see “dynamic” wrinkles/lines in parts of the face where there is a lot of muscle movement. Over time, these lines might linger a little longer, or become a little deeper, even when your face is at rest, and are then referred to as static wrinkles.  This is where dermal filler can help.


Lips, cheeks, under eye, chin, jawline, nose.


Lasting 6 months to 2 years.


$600 – $3900

More About Dermal Fillers

For adults of all ages, dermal fillers are an excellent tool for those seeking to reshape their features, restore volume to the face, improve age-affected skin, or postpone the effects of ageing. Men and women from all walks of life have undergone this treatment to help add or restore volume, vitality and aesthetic balance to the face.

At SkinBox, our doctor-only team of injectors have a holistic approach towards beauty. With an emphasis on symmetry, balance and harmony we can enhance facial contours and create your ideal, most aesthetically pleasing facial shape.

The possibilities go beyond just filling a line on the face. By combining advanced injection techniques with the highest quality products and an element of artistry, we use dermal fillers not just to “fill” but to highlight your natural beauty, recapture the contours of youth and realise each individual’s aesthetic potential.

In a consultation before your procedure, your doctor will explore your reasons for treatment, as well as your needs, expectations and aesthetic goals. They will explain how the treatment will be performed and the measures we will take to help you achieve your ideal facial profile. Your doctor will work closely with you to create a treatment plan that will allow you to enjoy a refreshed, smoother profile for longer.

As a holistic skin clinic, we can explore a total face enhancement plan that can also include skincare, dermal therapy treatments or laser resurfacing if necessary.

Tap into our medical expertise

We understand that the world of aesthetics and cosmetic treatments can be intimidating, that’s why our cosmetic doctors and qualified dermal therapists are here.

To share our medical knowledge.
To help you look and feel your best.

Where can dermal fillers be used?

Our natural ageing process causes changes to the elastin and collagen in the face, contributing to the formation of folds and wrinkles. As our face gradually loses its volume and youthful contour, we can sometimes develop a prematurely aged and tired look. Dermal fillers are used to both correct and postpone signs of ageing, as well as for beautification of a single feature in younger adults.

Dermal fillers are most commonly used to:

  • Rejuvenate mature lips, which lose volume and become thinner with time.
  • Enhance younger lips for a plumper, more defined overall outline, or a more balanced proportion.
  • Suppress the overactivity of the upper lip muscles that can cause a gummy smile, reducing the amount of gum that shows whilst maintaining a natural-looking smile.
  • Support and lift downturned lip corners (the marionette fold) which can portray a sad or even angry appearance.
  • Smooth out lines around the lips (smoker’s lines), which may cause lipstick to bleed.
  • Soften cheek folds (nasolabial folds) and elevate cheeks that have sagged and lost volume over time, for a fuller, more youthful profile.
  • Lighten hollows under the eyes (tear troughs) to reduce a tired or stressed appearance and to give a more well-rested look.
  • Strengthen and sculpt the chin and jawline to give a more balanced or contoured profile.
  • Subtly reshape the nose for a more flattering and proportionate shape and size.

FAQ’s about dermal Fillers