Universkin nexultra™ O Cleanser


nexultra™ O – Universal oil – soothes, purifies, cleanses, removes make-up

nexultra™ O is a multi-purpose cleaning and soothing oil, a patented combination of biomimetic peptides, olive oil, pant CO2 extracts and Omega-3, which helps to cleanse and repair the skin. This new addition to the Universkin portfolio does not only cleanse and hydrate your skin, it also soothes it at the same time. nexultra™ O can be applied not only on your face but also on the eye contour, hair and scalp. Suitable for all skin types.

Face: first dispense into dry hands and gently massage onto dry face, then add a few drops of water to emulsify, using just your hands. Rise thoroughly with lukewarm water.
Eyes: Moisten a cotton pad with lukewarm water before dispensing oil onto it. Gently remove make-up.
Hair/scalp: Massage into scalp before shampooing.

contains: Olea Europea (olive) fruit oil, Acetyl tripeptide-1, Omega-3, Rosemarinus Officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract.

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