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Synergie® Professional Facials

Two options to calm or invigorate your skin




Glowing skin with no downtime


from $190

Using a custom combination of Synergie® products, the experienced Dermal Therapists at SkinBox can offer different medifacials depending upon your skin’s needs:

Synergie® Calming Facial

A restoring and reparative facial, designed to soothe, calm and heal skin that is sensitive, inflamed or reddened skin.

This gentle yet rejuvenating facial treatment starts off with a professional double cleanse to melt away any make up, dirt and impurities. Niacinamide (vitamin B3) and hyaluronic acid are massaged into the skin to assist in rebuilding the barrier proteins, calming and instantly boosting hydration. Then relax under a weighted blanket and enjoy a medical grade LED light treatment, enhancing the skin’s healing processes and stimulating new collagen formation.

The next step is a restorative treatment mask packed with probiotics, niacinamide, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants to repair and restore the natural ecosystem of the skin. This is locked in with a deeply hydrating, cooling and infusing BioAlginate mask, encouraging deeper penetration of active ingredients. Upon removal of the mask, a series of gentle, yet highly active products are applied to the skin:

  • Dermiotic; a pre & pro biotic that aids in barrier repair by feeding the ‘good’ bacteria
  • HyalaVive; a triple hyaluronic acid serum containing vitamin B12 to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate the skin
  • Dermacalm; a soothing moisturiser specifically designed for sensitive reactive skins
  • UberZinc; to heal and protect the skin from UV damage.

Cost: $190

Time taken: 30mins

Synergie® IMPACT Facial

Raise the bar on your facial to another level with trans-epidermal ultrasound delivery of actives.

This next-level facial is most suited to those with healthy skin, who want as much impact as possible from their treatment. No pun intended!

Start with a professional double cleanse to melt away any make up, dirt and impurities. Your personalised Synergie® actives will then be applied and delivered deep into the skin using the needle-free IMPACT® trans-epidermal ultrasound device. Most people experience this as a painless but loud ringing sensation.

To sooth the skin post IMPACT®, a 5 minute reparative and restorative mask will be applied to the skin. This will assist with nourishing & repairing the barrier, while reducing inflammation & redness. Leaving your skin feeling awakened and refreshed, with no downtime.

Finish off your facial with a medical grade Healite LED light treatment to enhance the skin’s healing processes and begin to stimulate new collagen formation.

Cost: $260

Time taken: 45mins