How we do it: Creating a SkinBox solution for “Mask-Face”

Mask Face requires a specialised and strategic approach. At SkinBox we work with you to find your skin-fit with custom-made serums and skin routines to best manage your Maskne or Maskitis. 

Because we tailor-make every routine to fit an individual skin, each recommendation is different, but you can find some examples below. Sometimes we will stick to a single skincare range, sometimes we will mix and match between ranges to get the appropriate spectrum of high-quality active ingredients for your skin’s needs, in the simplest and most cost-effective manner.

To get your own personalised recommendation, you can either book a consult with one of our Dermal Therapists (in-clinic or via telehealth video-link)or use our AI to discover the perfect, all-in-one skincare prescription for you. Then, enjoy a coffee or a glass of bubbly as we hand-formulate your customised, doctor-reviewed, medical-grade prescription from over 19 ingredients at WA’s only Universkin Skin Bar.


CUSTOM-MADE-SERUMS sample skin routine A for maskne


  1. Cleanse with O cleanser, Apply a customised P Serum with niacinamide, SOD (a powerful antioxidant) & lactopeptide (for bacterial balancing). 
  2. Apply a light but hydrating moisturiser containing humectants and ceramides such as Cerave. 
  3. Finish with a broad-spectrum zinc based moisturising sunscreen such as UberZinc or Avocado Zinc onto the non-mask areas of the face. 


  1. Cleanse with O cleanser, Apply customised P Serum with gentle retinol, niacinamide and zinc sulphate. 
  2. Top with Murad oil-free water gel to hydrate and further help balance the microbiome.

 KEEP-IT-SIMPLE sample skin routine B for maskne 


  1. Cleanse with Biocleanse. 
  2. Apply a few drops of Dermiotic probiotic elixir, then XCellB (high strength vitB3 with added hydrators & antioxidants). 
  3. Top with a generous layer of Cerave light moisturising lotion for normal/dry skin
  4. Apply broad spectrum zinc-based sunscreen to the non-mask covered areas of your face/neck


  1. Cleanse with Biocleanse. 
  2. Apply a few drops of Dermiotic probiotic elixir, then Acceler-A (a gentle but effective cosmeceutical retinoid formula). 
  3. Lots more Cerave. 


Sample very simple skin routine for maskitis


  1. Cleanse with O cleanser.
  2. Apply a few drops of Dermiotic pre-serum elixir
  3. Apply Luciderm and then Xcell B (a powerful blend of high strength niacincamide plus antioxidants). 
  4. Slather on a generous layer of Cerave moisturising cream for dry/very dry skin
  5. Apply Avocado Zinc to the mask-less facial areas.


  1. Cleanse with O cleanser.
  2. Apply Dermiotic & XcellB again. 
  3. Top with Cerave moisturiser and finish off with an overnight application of Masquerase.

For areas of skin that are really inflamed and irritated, additional barrier protection can be achieved with a soothing balm that will protect and repair. Add these on top of everything else to lock all the good stuff in. 

Excellent, non-irritant options for healing balms are B from Universkin, Recover Balm by @synergieskin or QV Intensive ointment

Dr. Sarah Boxley – Medical Director, SkinBox Clinics

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