Dermal Therapy

Skin management and non-surgical treatments that assist with acute & chronic skin conditions and disorders.

What is a Dermal Therapist?

The beauty industry in Australia is largely self-regulated and there are currently no formal guidelines or licenses. This means that as a patient, it can be tricky to understand the different qualifications and scope of treatments each practitioner can perform. This is especially important with advanced treatments such as laser/IPL, chemical peels and skin needling.

A Beautician can be trained on the job with no formal qualification, although most do attend TAFE and have a Certificate III in beauty treatments (a Level 3 qualification). Some Beauticians use the term Dermal Therapist to describe themselves, but this is not a correct use of the title.

A Dermal Therapist has completed further studies and has a formal qualification – either an Advanced Diploma (Level 6) or a BSc (Level 7). Their studies are broad, and include dermal science, cosmetic chemistry, nutrition, skin and wound biology, dermatological conditions and management.  They also study physics, chemistry, psychology and general anatomy and physiology, as every system of the body can impact the health of the skin and vice versa.

A Dermal Therapist can assess and manage risks associated with tissue interactions and advanced therapies to ensure treatments are effective and safe for patients.

At SkinBox, all of our Dermal Therapists hold one of these formal qualifications and it is a requirement of a position with us – so you can be assured that the person looking after your skin is trained to an exceptional standard and that you are in safe hands.