Synergie TriDration B

This advanced cooling gel mask intensely hydrates and nourishes the skin on multiple levels with humectants (water magnets), water balancers and dermally active hyaluronic acid stimulators.

This 5-minute express mask offers on-the-go results to leave the skin plump and hydrated from within, while restoring a youthful, dewy glow.

With added skin brightening antioxidants and redness reducing benefits, this mask is sure to boost the health of every skin type and condition.

Intense triple hydration boost:

  1. Water binding
  2. Water balancing
  3. Hyaluronic acid stimulating on a dermal level
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Fragrance-free=
  •  Refreshing, cooling sensation
  • Restorative results in just five minutes, ideal for makeup and event prep

Available to purchase at SkinBox Fremantle or via email. You can also purchase online from Synergie using the button below.

Apply one pump to face and neck twice weekly. Allow mask to absorb for five minutes and rinse off with the Gentle X-fol cloth and tepid water. Use every second day for two weeks as an intensive hydration treatment for dehydrated skin. For an invigorating cooling mask, refrigerate for 30 minutes prior to use. Do not store in the refrigerator.