Do you clean your make-up brushes?

So seriously, when was the last time you washed your make-up brushes? Last month? Before Christmas? Never?? 

If you are anything like most of us, it’s one of those things you occasionally think about (usually when you are in a rush in the morning and notice that your brushes are actually a bit gross) but never quite get around to doing.

But we would actually recommend that you wash those brushes at least once a week. Make-up brushes harbour all sorts of bacteria, so keeping them clean not only prolongs their life but is also much better for your skin.

Here at the clinic we use a Brush Cleanser from Synergie for our tester brushes after each use. It’s really simple to use – just spray it onto a tissue or cotton wool pad, then pat the brush gently to remove makeup. Let the brush dry for 5-10 minutes and it is good to go. Once or twice a week we also do a deeper clean for all our brushes using shampoo.

How do I wash my makeup brushes?

Its pretty much exactly the same as washing your hair 🙂

Step 1: Run the brushes under warm water and add a little bit of conditioning shampoo. Our personal favourite is the classic MooGoo Milk Shampoo.  If you have a few smaller brushes to clean, you can do them all at the same time. 

Step 2: Massage the brush gently to loosen any makeup and then rinse to remove all soap and debris, repeating this motion until the water runs clear and there is not sight of any colour. It’s just like cleaning paintbrushes at school.

Step 3: Once you have washed your brushes, simply squeeze the remaining water out with a tissue or clean towel, working from the tip of the brush hair to the base. Then, gently tease the brush hair into its natural shape whilst it is still damp. 

Step 4: Lay the brushes flat on a piece of paper or a towel to dry. Don’t leave them standing upright in a container – water can run from the brush head down into the base of the brush, which can result in the paint peeling away from the handle over time, or even loosen the handle away from the brush head.

How long do makeup brushes take to dry?  

Its usually best to leave them overnight to dry. If you can line them up with the handles on a bench and the heads sticking out the air can circulate and they will dry quicker.

Is the cleaning process different for synthetic brushes vs natural hair makeup brushes? 

No the technique is exactly the same. Synthetic brushes tend to be a lot stronger and easier to clean so you can be slightly rougher when you are handling them. If you are using oil-based products such as a lipstick on natural brushes and you find that you’re having difficulty removing it, try using washing-up liquid instead of shampoo.

Can I use an automatic brush cleaner?

Yes you can. There are a number of cheap and effective machines on the market that will quickly clean and dry your brushes. These machines are little so they don’t take up much space, and are usually battery-powered. They can clean and dry brushes in as little as 30 seconds (meaning you can do it more often!) Just remember to reshape the bristles straight away. 

Our favourite automatic cleaners:

Thin Lizzy

StylPro Original