Lets talk about vaginas..

Genital rejuvenation technology can revolutionise lives, yet most women who would benefit from it are not even aware that it exists……

Even in our current society of assessable digital information and public “oversharing”, talking about the vagina is still a social taboo. Unfortunately for those of use who possess a vagina, and for those who like to recreationally enjoy a vagina, the plump, well lubricated playground of our youthful 20s inevitably dries and shrivels as we get older, affecting intimate relationships, self-esteem and general well-being. Many of us put these problems down to simply “getting older” and do not realise that there is an effective treatment available.

When many of us hear the words ”genital rejuvenation” we think of surgical tightening of the vaginal or of surgical trimming of the labia. Whilst these procedures do exist (and have their place), the rejuvenation techniques that have the biggest lifestyle impact are actually aimed at turning back time, restoring the vaginal walls to their former plump, springy, well-lubricated existence.

When the vaginal walls reduce their secretion output, the vagina itself becomes dry and in some cases sex becomes uncomfortable, painful or even impossible. Vaginal secretions are packed full of a family of molecules known as glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), that serve as a food source for the healthy bacteria that live there. Without this food source the ecosystem down there is disrupted, opening the door for recurrent vaginal or urinary infections as well as chronic inflammation, burning and itching sensations. Another feature of the maturing female genital area is the development of urinary stress incontinence, a distressing and embarrassing condition that can have a major impact on social life, physical activities and even clothing choices.

A simple, quick and non-surgical procedure using a small laser probe can bring life back into the vaginal walls in the exact same way as laser facial rejuvenation.

The laser makes little “dots” in the lining of the vagina and the body’s natural healing response then stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin, rebuilding the skin of the vaginal wall and allowing secretions to flow once again. The whole procedure takes 5-15 minutes, is done in the same position as a PAP smear but is far less uncomfortable. Generally, an initial course of 3 treatments spaced a month apart is followed with an annual maintenance treatment. Patients report significant improvements as early as one month after the first treatment, most commonly a sensation of a tighter, better lubricated vagina with less urinary issues.

Women that can be helped by laser vaginal rejuvenation include those going through menopause (either natural or medication-induced such as after a hysterectomy or as a result of chemotherapy), those with postpartum vaginal laxity, minor urinary incontinence, or with symptoms of atrophic vaginitis and decreased sensation. Patients range in age from their early 20s up to their 80s, some of whom have been putting up with symptoms for many years.

Since we have been performing laser vaginal rejuvenation, we have found the biggest challenge for patients is getting the information that they need and becoming aware that a treatment does actually exist for troublesome vaginal issues, that it is safe, successful and pain-free. So please speak up, don’t be embarrassed – we would love to talk vaginas with you 🙂

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